Apr 252010
Submitted additional info to the planners

We were reading our planning permission again the other day and realised we had forgotten to send in the information it requested about building levels and boundary treatments. So I have drawn up plans covering these items and sent them to the planing officer.

Dec 162009

Just looked at the planning website and seen those wonderfull words ‘Decision – APPROVED on 16/12/2009′. There are some conditions as you might expect, here are the details from the council. The development must be begun not later than three years beginning with the date of this permission. The reason for the condition is :- The […]

Oct 172009

Two of our neighbours seem annoyed with the council for not passing the first plans. One of them has started to bring round examples of timber clad building he finds in the local paper! What a lovely neighbour…

Oct 152009

The planning officer (Mrs Pieterman) seems a pleasent lady. She looked at the new designs and was very favourable. It seems like we may have done enough to satisfy them! Now we need to draw up the full plans. Mrs Pieterman suggested that we show her the new plans before submitting them — Good Idea.

Oct 142009

From what we can work out the conservation officer wants us to do the following. Change all gables to hips — This we can live with! In some ways this looks better, esp. at the ends. Replace the both porches with extended main roof sections — Makes a more complicated roof but thats ok. Change the size […]

Oct 122009

After looking at the planning file, I’m a bit happier. There was a 2 page report from the planning officer and another from the conservation officer. Only one letter from a neighbor who worried about the size of the new house. The planner has stated that there is no objection too the principle of a […]

Oct 102009

The councils letter arrived today. It contains no more than was shown on the counciuls website!! We will have to go to  the councils offices on Monday.

Oct 062009

I have been checking the councils website for news on our planning application every few days. This morning it’s showing our application as refused. The reason given is The external appearance of the proposed building falls short of the standard required in this location. Its scale, proportions and design are inappropriate and the proposal would […]