Mar 202019

A year on and it is time to empty our septic tank. The water was starting to go murky so we ordered the man with his smelly lorry to come and suck out all the waste and water from our tank. We then gave it a quick wash down inside but it was fairly clean […]

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Mar 132018

The man with the smelly lorry came this morning to do our regular emptying of our Septic Processing Tank. It is almost a year since the last one. We then did some pressurised washing inside the chamber and down the pipes going off to our leech field and get everything ready for another year. In […]

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Apr 192017

This morning, we had the Septic Tank serviced and emptied. We then gave it a once over, cleaning the various inlet and outlet pipes to make sure they were all cleared and flowing nicely. Also, the electric air pump was opened up to check the moving parts were all clean and in good working order. […]

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