Feb 232017
Wood Construction Glue Tests

We did another test, this time using a sample of the non-creep crossed linked construction grade wood glue. This time, we took pieces of CLS timber, one was left as is (looking it age of about 5 years) and the other piece was planed to remove that “dirty” layer. After drying and curing overnight with […]

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Feb 212017

This morning, we went back to our test pieces after having 24 hours to set and cure. The first one under the spotlight is the dry wood: The rubber piece peeled off cleanly leaving behind the solid glue on the wood. It was quite hard to pull it off. The glue was well stuck on […]

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Feb 202017

 This morning, after tidying up the workshop, we decided to test our new glue to see how good it is in wet conditions. We can easily envisioned situations where we were having wet weather during or after placement of the wall legs or roof rafters but before we got the cement boards on and our […]

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