Jul 132021

To finish off filling in the outer walls, and to provide a vapour barrier too stop moisture getting into our timber elements, we proceeded to cover up the glass wool with a layer of a plastic membrane, from top to bottom. We used the thick heavy duty DPM polyethene material, comes in rolls of 4metres […]

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Jul 062021

In preparation for filling and covering the walls we went around and planed off any of the plywood spacers between inner and outer wall posts which were sticking out from the wall, this will allow the horizontal rails to be nailed on without damaging the vapour barrier. It then only took a few days to […]

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Jun 122021

We carried on with the task of cutting and hauling up a whole series of Joists to form our First Floor structure. We had started at the back of the house over Bedroom 3 and its en-suite and worked across the building towards the middle, stopping at the metal Skylight legs. Here we had our […]

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Jun 082021

Today, Tuesday the 8th of June, saw the arrival of two replacement triple glazing units, to swop out the defective windows. They had internal scratches between the layers of glass panes so it must have been caused during manufacturing processes, but a third window had a scratch on the outer surface and the glass people […]

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