Nov 142020

Monday, we did two and half layers in building up our wall inside the Entertainment Room, that is over seventy blocks! We completed layer 4, then number 5 and number 6 and a little bit of layer 7. Tuesday, it was a half day because we are reaching the limit of lifting up the 20kg […]

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Nov 072020

For this new week, we started the task of building the concrete shell that will sound proof our Entertainment Room. The first task was to make a template to help us align the rows of blocks so we put together a piece of plywood with a straight CLS timber to stiffen the board and stop […]

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Nov 042020

Suddenly at a bright early hour, our concrete beams, all ten of them, arrive! We had to parked them on our driveway in such a position so we could then transport each beam inside the house through the Side Door, without hitting problems like trying to turn a 4metre long object around a sharp 90degrees […]

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Nov 022020

The first load of new building material arrived today. 576 dense concrete blocks arrived with a ton bag of soft sand, eight bags of cement, two large paving slabs and one concrete lintel. The remaining 74 blocks will be delivered soon, along with the 10 concrete beams. We are glad that we beat the lock-down […]

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Oct 192020

After buzzing around several different suppliers, all across the country, looking for pre-stressed concrete beams and dense concrete blocks (the heavier 20kg ones), we chased down various prices, ranging from the wow high price to a super low price but a heavy delivery charge (eeek!), we have finally settled an agreement with our local builders […]

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Oct 062020

Today, for our Entertainment Room, we calculated the number of concrete blocks and concrete floor beams needed to build a sound reducing barrier around the walls and ceiling. There are twelve rows of standard dense concrete blocks, a lintel for going over the doorway and eleven 4 metre long concrete beams, the smallest one available […]

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