May 092022

We have now completed the construction of the basic shell that is our Kitchen. The floor and walls are now created to form the first stage of what will be the Kitchen later on. The usual steps were executed in building this room, just like the others, building the floor support framework and all the […]

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Mar 082022

After we reordered more glass wool insulation, we were finally able to resume the construction of Bedroom Two, doing the underlining basic panelling that will form the foundation for our walls. We finished loading in the last bits pieces of glass wool and then started working on each OSB board, to get them ready to […]

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Nov 272021

We finished off the two air ducts we started last week. We put on the extra layer of MDF boards underneath to complete the downwards chute before it runs into the PU foam boards. We coated the MDF with several layers of acrylic varnish to seal the wood material against moisture and also sealed the […]

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