Jul 292011

Stephen has wired up the high frequency high efficiency low power florescent tube in the WC in the Garage building. It is 1200mm (4feet) long and it is only 28W producing a maximum of 2900lumens output! The controller will allow us to dim this light to various levels too! ~images This light might serve as […]

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Jul 212011
Lights for the Garden Room

Stephen has built the lighting strips for the Garden Room. The concealed indirect lighting channels in the Garden room are much more narrow than what we have in the garage itself. The lighting units are mounted on long strips of timber (38mm by 25mm and 3.9m long! They are wrapped completely up in aluminium foil […]

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Mar 112011
We Have Lights!

All ten tubes are up and installed right around the Light Channel in the large front room of the Garage. Each T5 tube produces about 5000 lumens as stated on the manufacturer’s data sheet and consumes about 60watts using high frequency electronic ballasts. This gives an efficiency rating of 83 lumens per watt which is […]

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Mar 102011

The electric cables (mains and control lines) are in place inside the Light Channel. Four of the 10 tubes are installed. A light switch is wired in beside the internal doorway and we can dim and turn on and off the lights! So far so good! We have placed the light level meter in the […]

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Feb 252011
Light Chamber Complete

The full Light Chamber is now complete, all 20metres of it, going right around the three sides of the garage room, starting from the front left corner, down the left side to the middle wall then across to the right side and back towards the front right corner. It has reflectors inside the Light Chamber […]

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Feb 232011
Building the Lights

Today and yesterday, we have been slicing up leftovers to create our light chamber around the edge of the main garage room. We bought two rolls of aluminium foil to serve as reflectors to make sure as much of the light is deflected into the garage itself shining across the ceiling. The “Chamber” will be 200mm (8inches) […]

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