Nov 212011
Electric Supply Moved!

Today we had our electric supply moved from the old place to the new place! Our electrician came this morning at around 10am, to test and supply a certificate of worthiness. The EDF people came about 11:30am (two of them) and did everything in one hour! They dug a hole down to the old steel […]

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Nov 082011

Yesterday and today, we did further tidy ups of outstanding tasks. The chest freezer has been moved from the outside shed to the new kitchen. It was cleaned top to bottom, inside and out, all edges and corners! It is gleaming now! All the shelves have been washed down (in the kitchen) ready for the […]

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Nov 062011
Miscellaneous Bits and Pieces

For the last three days, we have been doing odds and ends of tasks which needs completing before we can move. The shower tray and the heat exchanger are coming together. The adjustable foots to lift the tray and seal up to the walls inside the shower cubicle was glued and screwed on. It is […]

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Oct 272011
Thermometer Probes for Controlling the Home Environment

the Home environment needs controlling to maintain efficiency and best use of the resources so thermometer probes are needed to find out what the air con unit is doing so it can be controlled as well as room temperature. These probes are digital, producing a temperature reading in 9bits to provide a reading between -50 […]

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Oct 122011
Toilet Gains Extra features!

The toilet in the Garden Room now has a mirror (600mm high and 450mm wide) a flat plane of glass with no edging or bevel, just screwed up with four screws in each corner. Two wire double trays mounted on either side of the mirror on the side walls. A toilet roll holder and a […]

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Oct 122011
Garden Room (Kitchen) Shelves Up!

All the shelves are now on their brackets in all locations around the Garden Room! The brackets were nicely dry from the oven. Just a little touch up job here and there and bits and pieces are being installed ready for the big move!

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Oct 122011
Garden room Shelves All Painted

We have completed the task of applying the full gloss coat to all 27 pieces of shelving for the Garden Room, acting as our temporary kitchen for the next two or three years! We have pulled together two collections of brackets, 54 270mm long ones and 30 170mm in length. These will hold up the […]

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Oct 102011
Garden Room Shelving

The 27 pieces of shelving for the Garden Room was finished being sanded smooth this morning. All were vacuumed to remove all the dust and first half painted before lunch. Then after lunch, while the second batch was painted, the first was gently rubbed with fine sandpaper and the edges filled with caulk, ready for […]

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Oct 102011
Kitchen Final Coat & Shelves Prepared

The second coat of Oil White paint was applied to the various surfaces that were painted the day before. The shower cubicle is now a gloss white along with the hot tank & air con cupboards and the shelves under the sink & its worktop. The shelves were sanded and rounded, all 26 separate pieces! […]

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