For the last three days, we have been doing odds and ends of tasks which needs completing before we can move.

The shower tray and the heat exchanger are coming together. The adjustable foots to lift the tray and seal up to the walls inside the shower cubicle was glued and screwed on. It is a wedge shaped piece of timber where we can slide in the wedge to raise the tray up.

We installed another electric cable back to the house to provide additional power. This will allow us to run the immersion heater and fan heaters to warm up the living space ready for us to move in, before the mains electricity meter is moved in 2 weeks time.

We also installed a network cable at the same time to provide a link back to the telephone master socket and maintain our connections to the outside world, while we wait for BT to come and move our master socket from the old house to the garage.

The temperature probes were installed in their various places of monitoring, the rain water tank, the air con unit, the hot water tank and the shower heat exchanger.

A temporary curtain of strips to make an insulating door between the garage and the garden room (the kitchen), made of geo-textile fabric, each strip being 50mm (2inches) wide and weighted with old nuts & bolts to make the strips fall back into their resting position and maintain a better heat insulation.

we have also started unloading some of our personal boxes into our bedrooms, mostly books.

By Shaun

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