Feb 142012

BT Openreach came and moved the phone line today, from the old house to the garage. The old line was overhead and the new line is underground. Engineer cut off the old overhead line at the top of the pole and connected to a new cable which was pulled through the duct using the string […]

Jan 282012

It might be safe now to admit that Phase 1 of our building project is Complete! At last! We have settled into our new temporary living quarters, sorting out a great deal of stuff and putting up lots of shelves for our books and things, and getting ourselves sorted. The kitchen is performing well and […]

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Nov 212011
Electric Supply Moved!

Today we had our electric supply moved from the old place to the new place! Our electrician came this morning at around 10am, to test and supply a certificate of worthiness. The EDF people came about 11:30am (two of them) and did everything in one hour! They dug a hole down to the old steel […]

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Nov 122011

We have started our move! A steady baggage train from the old place to the new place has been rumbling along, with us carrying boxes full of our personal bits and pieces, bowls, plates, saucepans, fridge/freezer and dishwasher! Shelving units also has been moved. We are slowly sorting out the kitchen in the new place, […]

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Nov 082011

Yesterday and today, we did further tidy ups of outstanding tasks. The chest freezer has been moved from the outside shed to the new kitchen. It was cleaned top to bottom, inside and out, all edges and corners! It is gleaming now! All the shelves have been washed down (in the kitchen) ready for the […]

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Nov 062011
Miscellaneous Bits and Pieces

For the last three days, we have been doing odds and ends of tasks which needs completing before we can move. The shower tray and the heat exchanger are coming together. The adjustable foots to lift the tray and seal up to the walls inside the shower cubicle was glued and screwed on. It is […]

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Nov 032011
Bedroom Furniture Day 3

Bedroom 2 got its new bed frame assembled. The bed frame was made up of 4 strips of 300mm wide by 2315mm long of the usual 18mm OSB material, sitting (or rather lying!) on three solid legs, each made up of a 1218mm (4feet) cross beam (63mm by 38mm CLS timber). This is supported by […]

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Nov 012011
Furniture for Bedrooms day 2

Bedroom 3 has it computer worktable all assembled and varnished today this afternoon. []image caption=”true”] The red dye has worked quite well but also we drilled a series of holes along the back to allow cables to come from the little shelf right underneath, right at the back to hold all the sockets and plugs […]

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Nov 012011

The electrician we asked to come, arrived this morning, to see, to talk and check our electrics. It was a very informative visit, really appreciating his expert knowledge and advice. He took a look at our Utility Rail with our modular design, pleased to see that the data cables were kept apart but also mentioned […]

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