We have started our move! A steady baggage train from the old place to the new place has been rumbling along, with us carrying boxes full of our personal bits and pieces, bowls, plates, saucepans, fridge/freezer and dishwasher! Shelving units also has been moved.

We are slowly sorting out the kitchen in the new place, putting everything in their new locations, giving them a quick clean! The dishwasher has been plumbed in and it has done a cycle without any leaks!

We have bedroom 1 now occupied with the bed, mattress and bedside table drawers!

We are sorting out a little work area for Stephen and his electronic work, down at the end of the Sun Corridor outside his bedroom. We are using the old shelves from the kitchen and making a new workbench to provide a large spacious area for the equipment and tools.

We have 10 days left until the Mains electricity is moved! And all power is cut off from the old place! We had better be all moved and settled in by then!

By Shaun

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