Feb 142012

BT Openreach came and moved the phone line today, from the old house to the garage. The old line was overhead and the new line is underground. Engineer cut off the old overhead line at the top of the pole and connected to a new cable which was pulled through the duct using the string […]

Apr 282011
Walls are going UP!

We have started putting up the OSB wall boards at last! We have inserted all the conduit pipework inside the walls down from the Utility Rail (and one upwards!). we were making sure we have everything in place as planned before we permanently nail on the OSB sheets! The Light Channel is made of 150mm […]

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Oct 082010

Having paid the kings ransom on Monday, the man from EDF energy came this morning. Looked at the site and old meter and approved the route for the new cable. But he said we were using the wrong ducting!, apparently we should be using a solid duct not a twinwall. Luckily the new duct will […]

Oct 022010

We received the quote for moving the electricity supply today. £1132.70 !!! We all think this is a very high price for very little work. This is what they need to do. Pull new 35m cable through pre-installed duct. Cut existing supply cable Join to new cable Move electricity meter from old house to new […]

Sep 292010
Service trench

Digging initial trench from the garage to the loke and along the loke a few meters. On Tuesday we dug most of it and finished it off Wednesday morning. The trench is mostly about 1.5m deep (gets shallower towards the garage). Installed the power & telephone ducts and the water pipe from the garage to […]

Sep 292010

We need to connect the new house to the services (Electricity, Water & Phone). Currently these all come to the old house and will need to be diverted. The phone is overhead and will need to be routed underground as the overhead path intersects the new house so is not practical. We will take all […]