May 212021

The other piece of equipment we made while we waited for this day, was to build a special chop saw table to cope with slicing these I-Beams. Their physical size, especially the biggest one is 96mm wide (the flanges) and 240mm high. No standard chop saw, or even mobile saws, have enough depth of cut […]

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Mar 112021

Today, we thought we had better build a quick “Home-made” foam board shredder so we can deal with all the millions of pieces of cut-offs we will be generating from slicing down the large boards. Many has unformed bumpy edges and other defects plus also there will be narrow strips left-over pieces as well. We […]

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Nov 032020

This morning, we created a jig to help us slice up concrete blocks using our large mains powered angle grinder fitted with a diamond coated cutting blade. We put several chunks of timber and OSB pieces together, to form a fence with a ruler attached to it, plus a right-angle flat surface using a piece […]

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Oct 282020

We started the week by creating a new piece of equipment, this time, a plank slicing station down in our Great Room, using our large chop saw and a length of 63mm CLS timber and two pieces of plywood strips to build a long 4.8metre long straight channel. The chop saw was placed about three […]

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Oct 222020

We needed a tool to set out the rooms inside the house, as all the walls are right angled we needed something to get long right angled measurements. So we spent a few hours making a large framing square, using the mathematical and ancient truth that a right angle triangle measuring 3m by 4m always […]

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May 302020

It took another three weeks to finish off tweaking the design of the scorching machine, with many iterative changes as we test and adapt the machine (As usual things take much longer than you expect, but I have enjoyed the change of work). We started by moving the machine into the house (after cleaning up […]