May 212021

The other piece of equipment we made while we waited for this day, was to build a special chop saw table to cope with slicing these I-Beams. Their physical size, especially the biggest one is 96mm wide (the flanges) and 240mm high. No standard chop saw, or even mobile saws, have enough depth of cut to cope with that kind of magnitude so we pulled out an old piece of equipment we had made several years ago (see
Bevel Slicing Machine Repaired
back in November 2017) and adapted it for our new task. The base board and hinge was removed and a new fixed plate mounted and then two double extension drawer runners were screwed on. Then, one of our old trestle tables was used to build a framework to allow the I-Beams to slide through this module against a straight and square fence. The saw part was then connected to the support table and we now have a smooth sliding saw ready to slice up our I-Beams into the required lengths.

Extra Large Sliding Saw


Extra Large Sliding Saw


Extra Large Sliding Saw


Next is to prepare the trolley to help transport these I-Beams down our Loke.

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