Jun 212021

Stephen nearly fell through the floor today! He was walking across the unfinished floor to fit a piece of plumbing pipe when he stepped on the edge of a small floorboard panel which was overhanging a joist. It flipped up and Stephen started descending through the floor… Luckily he ended up straddling a joist and […]

Jun 122021

We carried on with the task of cutting and hauling up a whole series of Joists to form our First Floor structure. We had started at the back of the house over Bedroom 3 and its en-suite and worked across the building towards the middle, stopping at the metal Skylight legs. Here we had our […]

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May 292021

We have started the process of installing the joists for the First Floor. The last two and half days were spent on several tasks, like for example, marking out on top of all the structural walls running from the front to back of the house, with 400mm centres for each joist. We used our new […]

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