Jun 212021

Stephen nearly fell through the floor today! He was walking across the unfinished floor to fit a piece of plumbing pipe when he stepped on the edge of a small floorboard panel which was overhanging a joist. It flipped up and Stephen started descending through the floor… Luckily he ended up straddling a joist and […]

Feb 152018

At about 4:30pm, on a cooling afternoon but still lovely sunshine, we had a bit of a disaster! We were moving the scaffolding tower to its new position to install some more rafters into the “P” section of the roof over the Great Room. The problem was that while moving the tower, it had picked […]

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Sep 022017

While climbing up the ladder on the second scaffolding tower, the tower suddenly moved along on its wheels and the ladder began to slip off the metal rail, starting to crash back down to the ground. Stephen grabbed the scaffolding tower itself and managed to save himself but in the process, banged his lower legs […]

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Feb 232017

Well that’s one for Storm Doris! She has caused the 5 metre wooden pole holding the TV aerial and weather station to SNAP! It came down across the roof of our garage with one loud thump!! It made a little hole in our rubber membrane in one spot where the metal aerial frame jabbed in and […]

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May 302016

We were working on the 2nd energy module and digging the hole for it, when Shaun managed to do it again! see the full report at Number 2 Modules Hole is Dug

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Mar 102016
Mini Trolley Met Big Bad Truck!

OOPS! The dumper truck has just ran over our poor little platform trolley! We were reversing the truck to gain room and straighten up, in order to move the load of concrete blocks that has been sitting in the skip for the last few days. We had been using the mini trolley to transport a […]

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Feb 152016
Shaun has burned his knees with Concrete

While we were laying the concrete, we were occasionally kneeling on the wet concrete. Shaun was working on a particularly wet part and the concrete soaked through his knee pads (which are pretty much waterproof in normal usage). The concrete is quite alkaline and over time burned Shaun’s skin over his knee’s. He noticed they […]

Jan 262016
Rain Washes Fence and Shoring Panels Down!

We had a bit of a disaster today when the rain came and came and came! It was one of those 10 year events of massive amount of water over hours and hours of rain, rain, rain! We weren’t actually flooded out, nor anywhere near that point (ever since we have installed a whole line […]

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