Feb 082021

Today, we had a large amount of extra snow dropping on top of the small amount we had yesterday, to make deep drifts of up to a foot deep, window sills loaded up with 6inches of very fluffy snow and icicles forming under our gutters. The snow is too dry and doesn’t stick together very […]

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Sep 122020

The last two weeks have been a break away from our House Building project! We decided to have a complete change of scene while we wait for the glass window units to be manufactured and delivered (target date is the week beginning the 28th September). BUT .. It wasn’t a complete removal from the actual […]

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Dec 242018

We decided to take a break away from our building work and relax, to recover some of our mental balance and stamina. We did do some other little jobs that has been hanging about for a while, like tidying up the workshop, recycling some electrical equipment, install new lighting and of course, organise for Christmas […]

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Feb 282018

Today, we woke up to more snow and deeper freezing temperatures! It never rose above -3°C all day and it now fallen even lower to -6°C! We had snow yesterday but now we have at least doubled the thickness out there! Even if we finished creating the two rafters we have to do in the […]

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Feb 172018

Work on doing the rafters was postponed while Shaun recovers from his muscles injuries. The recovery is going well. With the weekend here now, he should see him have enough time to gain his physical health back again and start doing some light duty work on Monday.

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Feb 102018

Work has been patchy over the last three days, with other commitments on Thursday, rain all day Friday and also rain in the afternoon of Saturday too! Erk! We didn’t have any other jobs lined up as we didn’t have the “N” rafter (number 6) installed so we could measure the next set of rafters […]

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Feb 062018

This afternoon, having completed the production of the four rafters (for the “P” and “N” sections), we couldn’t go outside as it was snowinging quite hevily!! Tomorrow, we have our Oak Timber arriving, during the day sometime, and with the cold snap occurring this week all over the country, it is unlikely that we will […]

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