Feb 032018

The last two days has fallen foul of the side-effects of the suffering these cold and flu viruses, with disrupted sleep patterns and secondly infections. What a world we live on! What will be around the next corner?? Phew!

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Jan 272018

Another week is lost to another bout of cold or flu virus attack! It is the second lots for us both and this time, it is likely to have been the flu virus. It is definitely noticeable to how much more worse this winter has been with these bugs flying around than previous years. But […]

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Jan 202018

This is a report of several days of illness for our two man workforce, both being subjected to the damn annoying winter cold viruses, but not at the same time!! The week beginning the 8th January (Monday) was lost with a few days of no action. Then the 2nd attack occurs in the middle of […]

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Jun 052017

 We had an incident where half of our workforce was struck down with a nasty Summer cold virus, from last Monday (29th May) to today (5th June). All outside work on putting up cement boards, rafters and other work needing two people had to be postponed.

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