Sep 122020

The last two weeks have been a break away from our House Building project! We decided to have a complete change of scene while we wait for the glass window units to be manufactured and delivered (target date is the week beginning the 28th September). BUT .. It wasn’t a complete removal from the actual […]

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Dec 242018

We decided to take a break away from our building work and relax, to recover some of our mental balance and stamina. We did do some other little jobs that has been hanging about for a while, like tidying up the workshop, recycling some electrical equipment, install new lighting and of course, organise for Christmas […]

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Dec 252017

It is Christmas!! We have blitzed the whole workshop, to tidy it up and make it as clean as possible, ready for having our family around to celebrate this festive moment of the year! The completed “P” rafters, all eleven (and one little chunk of timber!), are now outside in the middle of the house, […]

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Jul 082016

we are having a little break to recharge our batteries and do other things for the next week.

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