Feb 082021

Today, we had a large amount of extra snow dropping on top of the small amount we had yesterday, to make deep drifts of up to a foot deep, window sills loaded up with 6inches of very fluffy snow and icicles forming under our gutters. The snow is too dry and doesn’t stick together very […]

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Feb 282018

Today, we woke up to more snow and deeper freezing temperatures! It never rose above -3°C all day and it now fallen even lower to -6°C! We had snow yesterday but now we have at least doubled the thickness out there! Even if we finished creating the two rafters we have to do in the […]

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Feb 062018

This afternoon, having completed the production of the four rafters (for the “P” and “N” sections), we couldn’t go outside as it was snowinging quite hevily!! Tomorrow, we have our Oak Timber arriving, during the day sometime, and with the cold snap occurring this week all over the country, it is unlikely that we will […]

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Nov 302017

We woke up to a lovely coating of snow over everything! It isn’t a real stoppage to our work as we have things to do in our workshop but there were plans to look at our garden shed’s roof and also put on extra tarpaulin coverings on our timber storage stacks .. but alas not […]

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Jan 232017

Our concrete slab is frozen again and there are too many patches of solid ice. Again, we abandoned the outside work. Tomorrow, there are other meetings that have to be serviced so no work for Tuesday either.

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Jan 222017

Today, Sunday, we woke up to a world of white over everything and a real chilly snap in the air .. this is indoors we are talking about! We were going to carry on with the assembly of the steel framework, even though it was Sunday so we could catch up on the lost days […]

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Jan 202017

Here we go! Here we go .. again! It was such a lovely sunny morning to the start of the day but we had freezing temperatures overnight and it refreeze the water on our concrete. We talked about putting down loads of salt to try and melt the ice but we decided that we didn’t […]

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Jan 192017

Again, we waited in vain for the temperature to rise enough to melt all the ice. The sun was very strong but it only melted the ice where it was deeper and floating on existing water, but the ice directly frozen solid onto the concrete held on for dear life! So the outside work was […]

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Jan 182017

We decided that it was too icy in the freezing temperatures we had over night (well below zero all night) and the concrete has lots of patches of frozen water all over the place. It would have been too risky to be playing around with pieces of steel framework that weighs hundreds of kilograms, trying […]

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