Feb 062018

This afternoon, having completed the production of the four rafters (for the “P” and “N” sections), we couldn’t go outside as it was snowinging quite hevily!! Tomorrow, we have our Oak Timber arriving, during the day sometime, and with the cold snap occurring this week all over the country, it is unlikely that we will […]

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Nov 042016
Electrical Conduit buried and Cable Threaded

Yesterday and this morning, we buried a conduit around the building site, from the garage at the bottom of the camera pole, all the way to the top of the garden at the wooden barrier at Mount Sod. A 1mm2 twin and earth cable was threaded through using a string, which  was first pulled through […]

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Sep 092011

This afternoon the Kitchen Cooking Section was assembled, with the worktop and the oven stack joined all together. All the edges were rounded, rubbed smooth and filled in with Polyfilla. This will be painted tomorrow with emulsion and then vinyl silk on top. This particular unit is only temporary so it is not worth putting […]

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Sep 072011
Oven Stack Assembled

Today we put together the Oven Stack! It is made up of a 150mm open shelf starting at the bottom of the stack, followed by two 600mm high selves for the two oven and topped with a microwave shelf being 400mm high. The sides goes up another 25mm to provide another open shelf right on […]

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Sep 062011
Drawers Fully Painted

Today we have finished the final coat of oil paint on the fronts of the eight drawers. The undercoat went on this morning and then the full gloss late in the afternoon. It is the same mid-grey colour as the Utility Rail modules.

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Sep 052011
Drawers base layers Painted

The drawers for the Cooking Section were painted with Acrylic paint acting as both primer and undercoat as stated on the tin. The whole thing was covered but the front and insides were done twice and even three times for the bottoms inside. This is to build up toughness and finally the front is now […]

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Sep 042011

The eight draws were sanded down and a final touch up with Polyfilla was done today. Painting will start soon, with the primer first, then a coat of white acrylic to provide the basic undercoat and a full gloss mid-grey just for the fronts, to match the colours of the utility modules.

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