Yesterday and this morning, we buried a conduit around the building site, from the garage at the bottom of the camera pole, all the way to the top of the garden at the wooden barrier at Mount Sod. A 1mm2 twin and earth cable was threaded through using a string, which  was first pulled through using a vacuum cleaner. It was hard work pulling the cable through as the conduit was 50metres long and also only 20mm in size, and the string was straining with the effort of dragging the cable through!

This cable is to power the second floodlight at the top end of the site so, together with the first floodlight (at the Garage end), will light up the whole building site during the early dark afternoons as we like working until at least 6pm most days.

We are going to use LED cool white lamps, each being 300Watts in power rating and each producing over 21,000 lumens of brightness, giving us a total of 42,000 lumens over the whole building site.



This is equivalent to about 6 standard 500Watt incandescent flood lamps, but instead of 3000watts of power, we are only using 600watts!! That is the fantastic nature of LEDs and it will only get better in the years to come!

By Shaun

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