This morning, whilst it rained, we made an automatic pump to extract and remove the rainwater from inside our house footprint. The concrete  is open to the sky so we are collecting all the rainwater that falls down upon us!

The pump is located in the sump up next to the Great Room as it is better situated for reaching more puddles of rain water than the other sump.

We had a false start with the first try of running the pump, we were not getting any flow of water out of the end of the hose pipe. We had to take apart the pump completely to get to the centrifugal disc unit and discovered a mass of fibre material blocking the middle portion of the disc, where the water should have been allowed to enter but couldn’t!! We cleaned it up and reassembled the pump back together and reinstalled it back into the sump and now it is working.

The flow rate coming out of the hose pipe is about 10litres per minute or 600 litres per hour so it shouldn’t take too long to remove much of the water whenever it rains, as every 1mm of rain that falls, we would be collecting about 260litres of water.

By Shaun

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