Aug 012020

The last couple of days was spent replacing a simple low power electric spur from the Garage to the main House with a higher powered circuit. We pulled through three twenty five square millimetres fat wires to provide a low resistance connection. It is not directly “plumbed” straight into the main consumer unit in the […]

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Nov 242018

We took the opportunity yesterday and this morning, to install two LED flood lights up inside our house. Each 300W unit was fixed right in the roof, just under our skylight on each narrow end section, pointing towards each other and downwards. We put a waterproof switch beside the Side Door entrance and ran the […]

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Feb 242018

Today, in a breezy cold wind, we moved the polystyrene foam strips to inside the house as we need the location for the upcoming arrival of a pallet of 12mm B-BB grade plywood boards. These sheets are going to be the exposed (hence pretty B-BB visual quality) roof covering around the outside edge of the […]

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Jan 062018

The last couple of days, we have been doing a couple of odd jobs and today, clearing the storage yard ready for the arrival of our Oak Timber. We repaired a puncture in the tyre of our large flatbed trolley and used it today to transport three piles of PU foam boards and also the […]

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Dec 152017

These last few days has been spent working on our Oak Timber requirements and as a result of putting in quotes for more than 6 cubic metres of Oak, we needed to store it on a rack, which is well ventilated and dry. We made a structure 2 metres wide by 3.5 metres deep and […]

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Jul 032017

First thing this morning, we planed the four half-done long timber pieces left over from last week, down to the required 69mm thickness, using our power assisted planer machine. Then, taking these four pieces outside, we wondered where to put them and keep them out of the rain. So we decided to hoist up one […]

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Jun 052017

This afternoon, we readjusted the sun shield over our corridor we did last week. It needed tightening up. Also, we reduced the height of the scaffolding tower down by one segment so it can be moved around on its four giant castor wheels easily when we come to installing the rafter beams around the steel […]

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