Oct 012020

Over the last ten days or so, we have been preparing for the arrival of our triple glazing units for our twelve windows in our main house. This was a mixture of taking down the temporary plastic polythene sheeting off the windows, removing the wooden strips that were holding them up. Then scrubbing and removing […]

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Sep 252020

We resumed work after our so-called holiday on two separate streams of work, one to develop the automation infrastructure and Development Environment (see Creating The Automation Development Environment) and this stream where¬† Stephen needed to manufacture specialised plastic pads to support the glazing units. Our units are triple glazing with 6mm thick glass separated by […]

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Aug 282020

The task we did next, was to measure every window again, using a framing square and precisely get all the data that describes the state of our framework, with all the wobbles and skews! All this went into a spreadsheet and analysed all the numbers. We have concluded a final set of sizes for all […]

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Aug 262020

These last five days have seen the creation of the Oak Beading strips that will hold the triple glazing units into the window frames. The beads are held in place by clips are specially designed to grip the timber piece without having to use screws or nails and making a very neat finishing covers around […]

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Oct 262019

Monday was a wet day so we did other tasks inside the temporary quarters finishing off repair work caused by the Flood. Tuesday was a nice lovely day so we got outside and finished mounting the oak pieces to build the gutters, for the last three sections of the roof, joining back to the very […]

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Aug 172019

This report is for the last two weeks of work, we had some of the days on other commitments, but we mostly worked on our roof with some in our workshop processing more oak during the wet days. The first task was to put in our Rubber liner into the gutters, in section “A”, “B”, […]

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