Today we put together the Oven Stack! It is made up of a 150mm open shelf starting at the bottom of the stack, followed by two 600mm high selves for the two oven and topped with a microwave shelf being 400mm high. The sides goes up another 25mm to provide another open shelf right on top of the stack for saucepans and other pots!

Test of Oven Stack

Test of Oven Stack

Also we joined together two left over worktop pieces to provide a surface for the induction hob to sit in. it was quite a fiddle to get the two edges square and flat and get the two surfaces smooth. We put in loads of a bulk PU glue to try and stick the ends together.

Tomorrow we will cut out the hole for the hob and fix on two battens to reinforce the joint at the back and front of the worktop and start assembling the vertical side panels underneath the worktop and mount the drawers.

By Shaun

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