Feb 102018

Work has been patchy over the last three days, with other commitments on Thursday, rain all day Friday and also rain in the afternoon of Saturday too! Erk! We didn’t have any other jobs lined up as we didn’t have the “N” rafter (number 6) installed so we could measure the next set of rafters […]

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Sep 152017

Starting really early this morning, at round 8:30am, to avoid the incoming thunderstorm front, we went outside to have a go at installing our latest created rafter, this time, the O Ridge that has the 45degrees angled sloping down beam. But unfortunately, even though it wasn’t raining at this time, and we even had sunshine […]

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Sep 132017

We woke up to the rattle of tremors of storm Agnes passing over and when we looked outside, we discovered a piece, actually quite a long piece of roofing felt lying on the ground just in front of our front door! Where did that come from we thought? So climbing up onto the roof of […]

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May 192017

No work outside today as it was wet all morning and occasional showers in the afternoon too. Plus also we were only going to work until mid-afternoon because of other commitments. So the day was mostly written off. We did get the stop/start switch on the work bench replaced (it was damaged a few weeks […]

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May 152017

We discovered the rain was falling down when we wanted to start work on the new week, and the forecast had a high chance of more rain all day so we called it quit and did other tasks unrelated to the building project. Tomorrow, the weather looked much better so we hope for a good […]

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Oct 202016
Drained Rainwater Away off the Floor Slab

This afternoon, we got out our submersible pump and connected up with some 32mm bore plastic pipe to pump the rainwater that has collected in our house, from the last couple of days of rain showers we had. We estimated about 4500 litres of rainwater has fallen, forming a complete “lake” across the whole Floor Slab. […]

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Sep 032016
Perimeter Wall interrupted by Rain!

 After lunch, because of the rain forecasted to arrive about 4pm to 5pm which made block laying impractical we had to do something else. So we moved and tidied up the remaining concrete blocks and distributed them around the complete circuit to where they are needed ready for the resumption of work on Monday. Yes indeed […]

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