Jul 122016
Another flood and Energy Module Number 4 Rises!

We had another very heavy thunderstorm that dropped nearly an inch of rain in a matter of minutes (about 15 minutes in all)!! The protection we have installed to stop the workshop ground water worked just fine and also the barrier on the Loke also worked. But only by diverting the rainwater to the other […]

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Jun 182016
Prevention Flood off Loke

 In damp weather, we tackled the next source of flooding, this time coming off the Loke as the rain water collects together off the surface of the loke and some of the neighbors driveways and runs down the Loke towards us. We are unfortunately at the lowest point down the slight hill so most of […]

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May 312016
Minor Flood Number 2 Stops Play!

Last night, we had well over 40mm (1½ inches) of rain in about 6 hours. There is lots of puddles everywhere! But as usual, the workshop caused another flood! Again it etched away the soil and managed to get under the fence and run downhill into our area. We will have to put up an […]

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