We had another very heavy thunderstorm that dropped nearly an inch of rain in a matter of minutes (about 15 minutes in all)!! The protection we have installed to stop the workshop ground water worked just fine and also the barrier on the Loke also worked. But only by diverting the rainwater to the other end of the house and flowing into our smallest Energy Module Number 4 instead. The water went all along the whole length of our swimming lane and poured off and flowed across the plot and found the module. AND also the water off the Loke went along the whole length of the lane, turned the corner and found the gap we left for ourselves to gain access to our house building area and the water flowed into the same module.
It appears to have lifted the whole module up, even though it was completely full of water, all 2 tons of it!! Wow!
Shake of Head! Another repair Job to Do!!

Look at the video of the flood.

By Shaun

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