Oct 272016

Today, the work of smoothing out the ground around the outside of the house continues, working alongside the Garage and the side door of the house. Then, around the corner, finishing  off the patch at the beginning of the Swimming lane and continued along the back alongside Bedroom 2 and Bedroom 1. It is surprising […]

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Oct 262016

Today, before the steel arrived, the soil around the perimeter of the house and it’s wall, continued to be levelled, covering up the rainwater pipework and making it smooth and relatively flat. The area around the corner of the Swimming lane and the Garage was sorted out and made level, and will continue along the […]

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Oct 172016
Last Stretch of Pipework Completed

 We finished off the installation of the pipes (running around the whole perimeter of the house) that [will] collect the rain water off the roof. The last stretch is along behind Bedroom 2 and in the corner with Bedroom 3 and towards the end of the Swimming Lane. We put in the 8th and final […]

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Oct 112016

Today, in lovely sunshine instead of the wet rainy day we had yesterday (typical!!), we started the tidying up task after the concrete has set enough overnight, for us to walk on it. We loosened all the concrete blocks that was holding down the wooden framework, extracted the two sump moulds and started chipping lumps of […]

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