Mar 072016
Snow Stops Play!

We woke up to a thin layer of snow on some of the raised objects (off the wet ground) where it didn’t melt. The temperature is hovering around the freezing point, which is not good for concrete. So we wait for the warmer spell that is supposed to be coming soon!

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Oct 202010

After the problems bailing out the actual pour went smoothly! There were 3 loads of concrete (Agilia Force) delivered between 11:00 and 12:15. Each load only took 3-4 minutes to pour into the formwork! The mix was quite fluid and only need gentle encouragement to spread out evenly, we only had to walk around pushing […]

Oct 202010
Water, water everywhere!

Well we had 10.9mm of rain since we finished the DPM Yesterday. That’s over 800 litres of water to get out of the garage slab DPM. The job was not as easy as we thought when we started at 9 o’clock. First we tried the submersible pump – no go, the water was not deep […]