Oct 052016

 And finally, we had to deal with a failed covering on our Timber Store located in our Swimming Lane. The tarpaulin has been completely “fallen” apart from being blasted by the Ultraviolet radiation from the Summer Sun! We didn’t know that the Tarpaulin was a non-stable UV material, probably a cheap and nasty one we […]

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Apr 082016
Tidy Up After Wall Building!

This afternoon, we started the tidy up process. We have finished building the walls of the swimming lane, as part of this stage of construction goes. We are now using the excellent space for storage and we are re-organising the site to move various items around. Like for example, all the concrete blocks we got […]

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Apr 082016
Third Row Completed on Front Wall!

It is nice to see the 3rd row all completed! It is looking neat and tidy, especially with the black DPM plastic sheet covering and protecting the mortar joints from any rain showers at the moment while the cement set and cures. The final 24½ blocks went in smoothly, taking us 4 hours to lay […]

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Apr 072016
Third Row Commences on Front Wall

We grabbed the morning to start the 3rd row of the front wall, doing 25 blocks before the rain came in the afternoon. This is our last row of the fat 215mm wide concrete blocks – at last!! Well at least, for this stage of the swimming lane construction, as we got the pond and […]

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Apr 052016
Second Row of Wall Completed!

With our early start this morning, we managed to finish off the 2nd row of the front wall before we had to stop for other tasks and commitments. A 9am start saw us doing the final 16 blocks before 12:30pm, which also included the delay of our mortar guide breaking apart under the strain of […]

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Apr 032016
First Row of Front Wall Completed

It was a lovely sunny day on this Sunday, to complete the 1st row of the front wall of the swimming lane. We took four and half hours to do the remaining 19 concrete hollow blocks. It went very well, laying the block nice and evenly, even though we discovered that a fair number of […]

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