Aug 062022

This afternoon, after we had finished doing the floorboards in the Entertainment Room, we decided that we had to clear all the Weeds and Grass that had been growing this year. It was getting way out of control and was rather difficult to walk through the jungle, especially when trying to push a trolley load […]

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Aug 052017

This afternoon, with the rain that is coming, we decided to do a bit of site clearance and have a bonfire in our incinerator! We have been building up trug loads of wooden rubbish from various projects over the months and it was time to finally make a start on getting rid of this collection. […]

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Mar 022017

 Today, while we are still waiting for prices and quotes from the last of our building merchants to come back to us, a new Incinerator was constructed!! It was made using an old oil barrel which had already been made into an incinerator,but it had been a struggle to keep it going for long jobs […]

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Sep 082016
Day 2 of Hedge Trim!

 We tackled the second half of the ivy choked blackthorn and hawthorn wild hedge that runs across the bottom of our garden between us and the school field. It was another hot day of cutting and sawing down the side branches and this time, there were some massive ones! One in particular, hanging way over our […]

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Apr 202016
Last Two Covers Installed and a Lovely Fire!

It was glorious weather today, with a very powerful Sun but it didn’t get hot this time as there was a stronger chilly breeze! We managed to assemble and install the last two covers over our new timber yard and they are now rain proof. Finally, we had a lovely fire in our incinerator to […]

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Apr 182016
The 89mm CLS Timber is Sorted

Today, we handled the next pile of timber, the 89mm by 38mm CLS timber. We also got our neighbour Terry to come and collect all the unusable pieces for his wood burner. He was nicely pleased! Tomorrow, we will move the last pile of “odds and ends” timber and then build the rain covering for […]

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Apr 152016

We continued with our reorganisation of our site, completing the pile of the 63mm by 38mm CLS timber. We have graded the timber into “good”, “so so” and “rubbish” to make sure that we maintain the quality of our building work. We felt that we needed to get on with the work so we put […]

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