We spent half a day on doing the 1st row of concrete blocks for the front
wall of the swimming lane. We managed to do 17 blocks today which took us
about 4 hours to do. It was a case of spending quality time on making sure
the blocks were level and at the correct height, so that the subsequence
rows would come out neat without too much fuss.



We had done 12 blocks previously a couple of days ago, plus the 2 that was
done a month ago, means we now have done 31 blocks in total so there is
another 19 blocks to go to complete the 1st row.

We are doing just 3 rows to build the front wall, and we will stop at that
point. We don’t want to do any more than that for now, as we might need the
extra clearance around the house as we build it, and avoid any future
situations where a 3 foot high wall above the nominal ground level would get
in our way, if we went ahead and built all 7 rows of the front wall!!

By Shaun

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