We were interrupted with heavy rain showers in the morning, so we didn’t get
started on doing any work until after lunch at 2:30pm.

We managed to do 33 blocks of the 2nd row of the front wall of the swimming
lane. It was a long haul and we didn’t finish until 7:40pm – phew!

But we are glad that we did manage to do that many as this week is going to
be rather interrupted with other commitments and weather too.

It is quite noticeable that our skill at laying concrete blocks is improving
all the while and compared to our back wall, the front wall is coming out
very nicely indeed!! Only 16 blocks to go to complete this 2nd row and then
we can start on the final 3rd row of building the wall using the fat 215mm
wide concrete hollow blocks. Then we might do a 4th row using the narrower
140mm wide hollow blocks. This would bring the level of the wall up to just
above nominal ground level and we can then fill up in front of the swimming
lane, using the excess sand / soil mixture that will come out when we dig in
the energy modules. It is coming together slowly but surely!!

By Shaun

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