Nov 272020

Our remaining timber arrived Thursday yesterday late afternoon. There were 348 planks in this second delivery, adding with our previous one of 99, we now have 447 planks of 63mm by 38mm CLS untreated soft wood, each measuring 4.8metres long. We spent the last hour of Thursday and several hours on Friday morning, moving the […]

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Nov 202020

We had our delivery of fresh timber arrive today, this morning, but it turned out to be only fraction of what we ordered. There was some confusion back in the builders merchant yard and we only got 99 planks. We were expecting 448 planks, which supposed to be a complete pallet load. We are chasing […]

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Nov 042020

Suddenly at a bright early hour, our concrete beams, all ten of them, arrive! We had to parked them on our driveway in such a position so we could then transport each beam inside the house through the Side Door, without hitting problems like trying to turn a 4metre long object around a sharp 90degrees […]

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Nov 022020

The first load of new building material arrived today. 576 dense concrete blocks arrived with a ton bag of soft sand, eight bags of cement, two large paving slabs and one concrete lintel. The remaining 74 blocks will be delivered soon, along with the 10 concrete beams. We are glad that we beat the lock-down […]

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Oct 312018

Sometime during the afternoon, we had the delivery of the remaining four pallets of our slates and they were unloaded alongside our Loke, following the line as we intended, but alas, one of the pallets was dumped on top of two others! We did not want this, as we wanted to be able to take […]

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