Aug 292017

After lunch today, we helped out our neighbour by driving our Mini Digger up the Loke and then proceeded to rip and grub out their Hedge fronting the Loke. It was very rewarding for us, especially for the fact that we haven’t used the mini digger for months and months, but the machine started first […]

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Jun 102016

 This afternoon, Stephen performed some basic maintenance tasks on the mini-digger and loaded grease into all the joints and moving parts. The digger needs re-greasing fairly regularly, every 20 “clock” hours approximately.

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May 132016

While digging the hole for the first energy module today, we noticed that there were splashes of oil on the digger’s tracks and the ground nearby. It looks like we have sprung a leak somewhere in the hydraulic system! After lunch whilst Shaun was removing the excess sand from the bottom of the hole, Stephen […]

Aug 052010

Stephen spend the morning doing the regular maintenance, pumping grease into the joints and bearings including doing the dumper truck as well. But Stephen decided to tackle the longer running non working sideways control of the arm which we will need when we start digging the trenches. He traced the wiring from the switch on […]

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