Jun 102016

 This afternoon, Stephen performed some basic maintenance tasks on the mini-digger and loaded grease into all the joints and moving parts. The digger needs re-greasing fairly regularly, every 20 “clock” hours approximately.

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May 082016
Wheel on Trolley Fixed and Resprayed!

This morning, on this lovely Sunday morning, we did some maintenance tasks, like for example, repair the puncture we got in one of the tyres of the large flatbed trolley. It was a devil to get the tyre off the metal wheel rim, but after surfing the net, we wiggled and heaved and levered the […]

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Apr 092016
Mini Trolley Repaired

Stephen repaired the mini trolley on Thursday afternoon and this Morning. The rear wheels were completely broken and the axles bent badly. The front wheels which had been already reinforced (after being bent while moving a load of concrete blocks – 13 of fat ones!) survived but the axles were bent as well. The bent […]

Mar 022016

We repaired the bent wheels! The front two wheels suffered under the strain of hoisting the concrete blocks! We were (and still are) loading 10 blocks on the trolley (this weighed in at about 270kg!) and that started the problem but really it was when we put on 13 blocks (a total of 351kg!!) .. […]

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Aug 052010

Stephen spend the morning doing the regular maintenance, pumping grease into the joints and bearings including doing the dumper truck as well. But Stephen decided to tackle the longer running non working sideways control of the arm which we will need when we start digging the trenches. He traced the wiring from the switch on […]

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