Jun 102016
New Stop Knob Fitted!

 Stephen replaced the old defunct Engine Stop knob on the dumper truck with a shiny new one! It was a relatively simple job and took about 30 minutes. It is lovely now and really easy to stop the dumper truck – Thank Goodness!

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Jun 062016
Dumper Truck Wouldn't Stop!

 Our old dumper truck wouldn’t stop when the stop button was pulled – a real ironic case of a Stop button causing a Stoppage! The cable from the spring loaded pull knob had come adrift. The cable is very similar to any brake cable found on bicycles and any vehicles, which is connected to the […]

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Mar 062016

The truck now starts! We have Noise and Action again! The wire had corroded and come off the connector to the starter button circuit. We conclude that there is enough conduction when rain gets in, with the 12V and the differences of the metals (copper wire soldered (lead and tin) onto a brass spade terminal […]

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Mar 032016

Oh Dear! Our dumper truck “starter” button doesn’t work anymore! It seems that something has disturbed the wiring inside when the last maintenance was done on the truck last week. We had to resort to our newly mended platform trolley to transport over 3 loads of 10 blocks and an odd quick load of 4 […]

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Feb 282016

The battery was successfully charged up using the mains charger overnight. But when we tested the solar charger, we discovered that there was only 4volts coming out! Oops! But after chasing down the wires and switches and relays, and not discovering what the problem was. There was a mysterious drain of 150mAfrom the battery and […]

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Feb 272016

We suspect that there is a problem with the dumper truck’s battery or the charging circuit from the solar panel. We got only 3 starts out of the battery today before it went flat. We put it on the mains powered charger and left it overnight.

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Aug 132010
Dumper is down in the Dumps!

OH GEE WIZ! Our truck is broken! The starter motor is making a horrible crunching noise! Oh Blimey! We phoned our cousin for his expert opinion and listening via our mobile phones, he recommends checking the battery charge level! The noise reminded him as if the starter motor is not quite engaging fully. The battery […]

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Aug 052010

Stephen spend the morning doing the regular maintenance, pumping grease into the joints and bearings including doing the dumper truck as well. But Stephen decided to tackle the longer running non working sideways control of the arm which we will need when we start digging the trenches. He traced the wiring from the switch on […]

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