Jun 222013

We have been tidying up the whole site ready for the start of phase 3 – the construction of the main house. The site clearance operation has been seeing various old piles of bricks (clay house bricks) being moved and soon the plants too! We will have a bonfire to get rid of materials like […]

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Jun 142012
Waste disposal

Another of those inevitable expenses involved in demolition work is disposing of the waste. Now that the demolition is complete we have to get rid of all the waste. There is a lot of brick and concrete rubble and some general waste like carpets and other rubbish. The costs are not insignificant, a large skip […]

Jun 072012
Chimney Demolition

We have now demolished the chimney stack, which was the last of the demolition tasks! We looked at the structure of the cimney and it was obvoius that it was originally designed for open wood burning fires, but was later retrofitted for burning coal. The actuall demolition was quite easy using the mini-digger, as you […]

Apr 232012
Timber, Timber and Timber!

All the timber from the Old Place has been cleared up and chucked into one huge pile! One day there will be .. one enormous bonfire! We will burn up most of the wood but some of it is in good condition and will keep ready for future use. All that remains is the chimney […]

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Apr 142012

Today we had a party! We invited all our nearby family to come and have fun demolishing the Old Place! We had six extra people here, all making great efforts in helping us break apart the wooden shell of the Old Place! We calculated that today’s multi man & woman workforce, probably saved us at […]

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Apr 142012
Hazardous Asbestos Panels all in Skip

Today we have finally got all the cement panels with the asbestos, from the Old Place and all corners of the garden loaded into the skip we hired last Thursday. We had calculated that we have about 1.5 cubic metres of of the stuff, which nearly filled the skip. Right up to the top. The […]

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