Mar 132021

During the last two weeks, starting last Thursday 4th March and on several days, interspersed with other tasks, we have been filling up the ground floor outer walls with approximately 200mm thick of polyurethane foam “seconds”. We hauled out our slicing bench table from its storage corner and connected up the dust extractor vacuum machine […]

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Mar 112021

Today, we thought we had better build a quick “Home-made” foam board shredder so we can deal with all the millions of pieces of cut-offs we will be generating from slicing down the large boards. Many has unformed bumpy edges and other defects plus also there will be narrow strips left-over pieces as well. We […]

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Apr 282016

Our order of ?seconds? of PU (polyurethane) insulation panels arrived today! It came on 14 pallets on a long lorry that managed to drive backwards down our Loke! They were a variety of sizes and thickness of rejected and damaged foam panels, making up a pallet load of 8feet by 4feet and about 4 feet […]

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