We have completed the task of applying the full gloss coat to all 27 pieces of shelving for the Garden Room, acting as our temporary kitchen for the next two or three years!

We have pulled together two collections of brackets, 54 270mm long ones and 30 170mm in length. These will hold up the 300mm and 400mm plus the 200mm deep shelves. The metal brackets were washed in NilGrim, hot water and dried in our new ovens!

All the selves have now been gently rubbed with fine paper and the edges treated with a caulk filler to remove the worst of the nature of OSB construction. It is not perfect as the caulk shrinks and where it has filled deeper holes, has shrank further. But these shelves are purely of a practical nature and absolute prettiness is not essential for a Garden Room therefore the minimal effort and money spent on it.

OSB boards is certainly a very versatile and strong but cheap material for construction but not really suitable for finishing work! But the Garage and Garden Room are ideal locations for such material for shelving, being a rough and tumble sort of place, containing tools, tins, boxes and other less than “artful” objects!

By Shaun

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