the Home environment needs controlling to maintain efficiency and best use of the resources so thermometer probes are needed to find out what the air con unit is doing so it can be controlled as well as room temperature.

These probes are digital, producing a temperature reading in 9bits to provide a reading between -50 degree Celsius to +125 degree Celsius with 0.5 degrees resolution and a 0.5 degrees accuracy.

The places where these probes are to be used are as follows:

. Air Con unit

. Shower and the recycling heat exchanger

. Hot water tank

. Underground rain water tank

Most of them are for scientific inquisitiveness and the data will be recorded on the server and displayed on the web as graphs to show how well (or badly) the various systems are working, what the seasonal variations the rain water temperature is and of course keeping us warm (Winter) or cool (Summer)!

By Shaun

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