Stephen has built the lighting strips for the Garden Room. The concealed indirect lighting channels in the Garden room are much more narrow than what we have in the garage itself. The lighting units are mounted on long strips of timber (38mm by 25mm and 3.9m long! They are wrapped completely up in aluminium foil to provide both an earthing point for the florescent maps themselves, a reflective surface to maximise light output into the room and finally a conductive heat transfer mechanism to cool the controller.

There are lamps on each end of the strip with the controller unit in the middle. The Mains Lighting circuit will be connected at one end so the whole strip can be disconnected for maintenance.

Two of these have been made and that will be the total lighting in the Garden room. They are installed in the Garden room such that the tubes on opposite sides don’t line up, this gives the best distribution of light.

GR Lights installed

GR Lights installed

By Shaun

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