This morning, the task was started to analyse all the pieces of timber we need for the construction of the house, whether it is for the outer walls, rafters for the roof, and all the internal walls, adding each length of timber and making sure we order enough contiguous pieces to go around all the required locations.

It is quite a lengthy process where each timber is crossed off the drawing and how many single pieces can be obtained from the stock length supplied by the merchant, which is usually 4.8metres long.

We are getting to the point where we are ready to start building the wooden framework of the outer wall and then the roof rafters after that.

There will be other items on our shopping list, for example, the 10mm thick cement boards for the outer skin of the walls, and 15mm thick cement boards for the roof. Then we will need lots of 12mm structural plywood boards too as part of making our own roof rafters (they are box beams).

So this is a large job!

By Shaun

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