Jun 082019

On Monday, we extended the existing Gable section of the roof that will form part of the Conservatory. Using the new stud walls built last week, we put up a 420mm extension to the ridge beam to make a sum total of 910mm (3feet). This new ridge was sandwiched between two layers of our structural […]

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May 292019

We resumed work on building up the stubby stud walls, on the newly formed concrete block work and foundations, in order to help support the upcoming extension to the Gable Roof sticking out the “P” section of the roof (over the Great Room). The new stud walls are 900mm wide and we used our nominal […]

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May 252019

Monday, we got on with the task of putting on the three strips of the breathable membrane across the O section, all held down by vertical counter battens. Then by Tuesday lunch time, we got all the horizontal tile battens nailed into place too. The remaining of the day was spent tidying up everything off […]

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