Jul 032018

Today, we finished off doing the last three Downpipe Channels and permanently fitted into place with glue and screws. These were along the back of the building, on IJ, LM and MN corners. This concludes the six modules that are fully integrated into our building construction, fitting into the roof structure and the Fascia. The […]

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Jun 302018

For the last day of June, we had a long day of work, continuing the task of cutting the slot into the Fascia boards, this time, along the front. We did section “A” and section “B” then fitting very carefully, gluing and screwing the Downpipe Channel module, making sure the sloping bottom base layer is […]

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Jun 262018

We finished off making the Slot Cutting template with the additions of height adjustment screws and then was rudely interrupted by the bad driving antics of the courier delivering our steel order (see Fence Broken by Delivery Driver). After that little episode, we went outside and using the new calculated absolute positions of where the […]

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Jun 212018

These last two days have seen the creation of new wooden scaffolding modules, eleven of them in total, each measuring 8feet by 4feet and 2.1metres (7feet) high. We spend half the day yesterday in creating the various parts, ready to be assembled, and we had time to make two modules yesterday. These two were also […]

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