Removed the concrete base of the old garage. Started by using demolition hammer then decided to try using the mini digger.

The mini digger wouldn’t start! The battery had gone flat over winter. Tried to jump start it with some leads we had laying around and had no joy! Went a borrowed some proper sized leads from the Garage round the corner and got it going.. But the alarm went crazy! and would not shut off. Eventually we had to shut down and disconnect the battery. When we restarted normal-lacy was restored.

With the digger we could lift up slabs and break them with a sledge hammer. After removing two of the three sections we had to stop so we could pack for our holiday.

On the Saturday after our holiday I removed the last section by my self.
We have set up a Webcam so we can have time-lapse videos of the work and here is the first recording…

Removing Slab Pt 1

And the Saturday Recording …

By Stephen

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