This afternoon, we continued with the tidying up operation, while we waited for the steel pieces to be delivered, by tackling the garage workshop!

We took a load of rubbish cut-off strips from under the saw table, plus some long left over timber pieces from yesterday’s sorting of wood rack and transported them down to the burn pile and some of the nicer pieces (inch by 3inch rough sawn 8 feet piece of timber) were put into the timber storage area under cover in the swimming lane.

We then managed to get the concrete “stools” out of the plastic trugs, being made way back when we had the foundation strips poured – we had excess concrete and filled 4 trugs with the concrete and today, we finally managed to release the stools!

Then we removed the 2nd work table (which was a sheet of MDF sheet 1inch thick, on top of our old dining table!) and moved over the saw table further into the middle of the garage, to make room for bringing in the steel pieces when we want to work on each piece.

The whole workshop got a bit of a sweep on the floor too – smile!

We now await for the arrival of our steel pieces tomorrow (Wednesday)!

By Shaun

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