In the morning, we spent making 7 wooden struts with metal tabs on the ends to control and bring together the distances at the top of the six legs that are having the four giant I beams placed on top of them.

We made right angled metal brackets using 3mm steel plate, cut into 35mm wide by 120mm long and bent 30mm in from one end. Two screw holes were drilled so we can fix it down on the ends of the 63mm CLS timber pieces.

This took all morning to do.


After lunch, we went around .. and around .. and around .. putting up each of the seven struts, one by one, by climbing the scaffold tower each time. Phew!

It was the case of moving each scaffolding tower around all the six legs so each strut could be reached and clamped using gluing screw clamps or squeezy racket clamps to grip the struts at the top of each leg.



What a merry dance around the two scaffolding towers had!

We finished in the dark, at last, and so each of the six legs and the connections to their neighbours are now controlled, with the distance is set correctly according to the drawings.

Tomorrow, we will check the verticality of each leg and make adjustments to ensure each leg is fully vertical by sliding thin pieces of steel strips under the foot and then drill the holes down into the concrete and drive self tapping concrete bolts, and that will stiffen up the movement of the legs significantly .. we hope!! – Grin!




By Shaun

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